Können Sie sich eine schönere und gesündere Gegend vorstellen als die Mosel, das Hunsrueck, die Eifel und das Rhein? Das glauben wir nicht!
Immohu hat Zugang zu einer großen Anzahl von Baugrundstücken in den schönsten Gegenden mit Blick auf Mosel oder Rhein oder mit Blick auf die Urwälder Eifel und Hunsrück und bietet einen „One-Stop-Building-Service“.

Moselle • Rhine • Eifel • Hunsrueck
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Rooms: 1
Living area: 27 sqm
Plot: 1 sqm
48000,00 EUR
ca. 52272
Inside detailsWindows with a double glazing package with a heat transfer coefficient for the pane of Ug=1,1 and
for the whole window Uw
Outside detailsThe indicated price includes:
Steel structure that allows transport, roof of folded metal, facade of thermowood, Cembrit panels and cladding of folded metal, floor protected with galvanized sheet, insulation with PUR foam, partition walls, double glazed PVC windows anthracite outside, white inside, entrance doors, exterior window sills, electrical and plumbing installations without fittings.

The house is also available as "all-season version" with additional insulation of roof and floor and triple glazing and with complete interior condition and selected furniture.
Please feel free to take a look at our show house in Peterswald and clarify further details right away.
Reserve a viewing appointment under: 06542-963726.

Modern house Fjord 35m² with its simplicity, which refers to the shape of a barn house. The glazed gable wall and open space design provides the interior with natural light. Inside there is a living area with open kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms.

The bright and spacious living room can be additionally extended, for example, by a terrace, which thanks to large sliding doors can be connected with the interior, so that it becomes an extension of the leisure area. To emphasize the modern look from the outside, the object was made with a combination of materials such as Siberian larch boards, folded sheets and glass.

It is thanks to these that Fjord is unique in its simplicity and is sure to adorn any property.

We place your Tiny House on your existing lot.

Prices are without transportation and installation, as well as preparation work from the plot.

Energy Performance Certificate not available yet (requested for)

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