Houses to combine living and working for sale
on Moselle and Rhine, in Eifel and Hunsrueck

Living and working under one roof in one of the most beautiful regions of Rhineland-Palatinate.

You are looking for a large property, in which you have both your private home and your workplace at the same time? You want to use your workshop, your office or your business in the same building or in an outbuilding directly on site? We offer carefully selected large houses for living and working with a granny flat, two apartments or many rooms at a very good price.

Moselle • Rhine • Eifel • Hunsrueck
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Well-kept Hotel-Restaurant with summer terrace

in a beautiful Mosel location

1.450.000 €

Rooms: 28
Living area:
Plot: 2.776 m²
Modernised hotel-restaurant

in central location of Traben-Trarbach

780.000 €

Rooms: 7
Living area: 240 m²
Plot: 381 m²
Residential house with truck workshop and warehouse

in Bengel, near Wittlich

750.000 €

Rooms: 9
Living area: 302 m²
Plot: 8.986 m²
Immaculate traditional hotel

Bad Bertrich, Eifel

690.000 €

Living area: 830 m²
Plot: 1.052 m²
Modernised hotel-restaurant

in central location of Traben-Trarbach

595.000 €

Rooms: 7
Living area: 200 m²
Plot: 156 m²
Charming City B & B with Garage

in the heart of the old town Cochem, Mosel

489.000 €

Rooms: 13
Living area: 318 m²
Plot: 148 m²
Family home with commercial buildings

near Idar-Oberstein, Hunsrueck

479.000 €

Rooms: 7
Living area: 200 m²
Plot: 4.425 m²
Modernised half-timbered property w. 5 Apartments

in historic Mosel wine Village near Cochem

399.000 €

Rooms: 7
Living area: 232 m²
Plot: 456 m²
Well maintained seminar house with a converted barn

on the outskirts of Hellertshausen

359.000 €

Rooms: 12
Living area: 385 m²
Plot: 912 m²
Family home with swimming pool

Mörschied near Idar-Oberstein, Hunsrueck

298.000 €

Rooms: 7
Living area: 200 m²
Plot: 1.278 m²
Two historic lovingly restored houses

in central location of Beilstein, Mosel

249.000 €

Rooms: 8
Living area: 194 m²
Plot: 126 m²
Music cellar w. pub and apartment

Village betw. Traben-Trarbach and Zell

199.000 €

Rooms: 11
Living area: 140 m²
Plot: 510 m²
Immaculate 2-family home with garden

Near Rhaunen and Kirn, Hunsrueck

195.000 €

Rooms: 10
Living area: 280 m²
Plot: 2.097 m²
Renovated farmhouse with barn and garage

in Altlay, near airport Hahn and Zell, Mosel

158.000 €

Rooms: 5
Living area: 200 m²
Plot: 996 m²
Original artist's domicile with workshop

Rödelhausen near Kirchberg, Hunsrueck

139.000 €

Rooms: 4
Living area: 100 m²
Plot: 1.175 m²
Residential property with shop and nice garden

Blankenrath, Hunsrueck

125.000 €

Rooms: 8
Living area: 177 m²
Plot: 829 m²
+REDUCED+Historic property in original condition

near Idar-Oberstein and Morbach, Hunsrueck

99.800 €

Rooms: 11
Living area: 250 m²
Plot: 3.305 m²
Cozy house with small shop area and terrace

in the old town of Zell, Mosel

75.000 €

Rooms: 3
Living area: 90 m²
Plot: 101 m²

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