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Our international buyers appreciate our comprehensive support from the first viewing to the relocation service. Our service was featured by many interesting and articles in Germany and abroad. A further impression of our activities you will find in the references and testimonials of our customers.

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New home Hunsrück - World citizens discover the province

As part of the ARD theme week "Heimat" SWR3 TV presented two interesting reports about foreign new citizens in our area. With our help, all but one found their dream home and have settled in nicely in their new community.

Escape to the Continent – Mosel Valley

In a series the British BBC features Britons who want to settle in different European countries. The houses are selected by the BBC and then presented to the interested parties in the program - it is filmed live without rehearsal. This film is about a couple from Wales looking for a house in the Mosel region. The buyers came to us through our contacts in England. Except for one house, all properties were picked from our portfolio.

Brexit and its consequences

17.12.2016 18.15 Uhr SWR-Fernsehen and ARD


Alina Schröder visits buyers from Great Britain, who moved to our area out of indignation with the "Brexit" and were looked after by our team at German Property Services.

No land in sight

25.11.2013 8.15 pm SWR-TV

A contribution about the depopulation of the Hunsrück villages and many empty properties there.

This trailer was broadcast after the news. In it, our customers Norma and her husband Peter are presented as a positive counter-trend. They have settled in the quiet village of Altlay above Zell and enjoy the quality of life they find there.

Moselle, Hunrsrueck, Eifel: New home for foreigners

Rheinzeitung on 24.11.2015 by Sabrina Zelt

"New home Hunsrueck - citizens of the world discover the province"

After the publication of the TV documentary "New home Hunsrueck - citizens of the world discover the province", this article reports on buyers from the UK, Australia and other countries. With the help of German Property Services they have found a new home in Germany.

Vineyards instead of desert sand

Welt am Sonntag, 28.8.2016 by Sarah Maria Brech

It started with a misunderstanding

Wealthy Kuwait people like to buy a house on the Mosel or in the Eifel. What began as a misunderstanding became a trend. How do the Arab families live in their adopted country? And what do locals say about their new neighbors?

Yet no-one has said that he actually wanted to buy at Zell am See

Trierischer Volksfreund, 18.9.2016 by Rainer Neubert

Idyllic Moselle town is pleased about new Ararbic citizens

It is believed that the first Arab buyers made a mistake googling and were actually looking for real estate in Zell am See. They then came to Zell an der Mosel, and fell in love with the beautiful landscape. They loved the people and the real estate prices. They bought in the Mosel region with the help of German Property Services.

Mosel Romance attracts Arab home buyers

Discover ME, Issue 64: June/July 2017

A real estate agency from Zell sells homes to interested parties from the Middle East

Article in a magazine for Germans in the United Arab Emirates about our office in Zell (Mosel) and our real estate service on Moselle and Rhine, in Eifel and Hunsrück.