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Many buyes recommend the work of German Property Services on Moselle and Rhine, in Eifel and Hunsrueck..

Our buyers appreciate our special service. We take their concerns seriously and find a solution to their wishes and problems. We work in 5 languages and are good at listening. We are open, honest and competent. We accompany our buyers from the first contact until long after their arrival with understanding, patience and empathy. Find out for yourself.

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Wohnfläche (m²):237 m²
Plot size:1.370 m²

Wohnfläche (m²):150 m²
Plot size:386 m²

Wohnfläche (m²):110 m²
Plot size:163 m²

Wohnfläche (m²):135 m²
Plot size:60 m²

Wohnfläche (m²):95 m²
Plot size:110 m²