We accompany you

We help you to find your dream home. We accompany you during the purchase, take-over and use of your property.

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Our Service: We accompany you
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Advice and guidance with selecting interesting properties

We support you with advice and offer assistance in your property search, through the purchasing procedure and on your way to taking possession.

Support through your search

We offer help to all our customers who speak little or no German, or need assistance with the pre-selection of interesting properties. Our staff speak fluent English, French, Russian and Dutch, which makes communication easy for you.

Organizing your property purchase

After our buyers have found their dream home, we accompany them through the entire purchasing process of purchase.

Assistance in taking over your property

We offer our help with all issues in connection with moving into your new home.

Consultation about the use and furnishing of the property

After purchase many of our buyers want to renovate or modernize their property, either for their own use or to set it up as a holiday rental.
We have a network of specialists and service providers to give competent and detailed advice. These include, for example:

Our free-of-charge “Purchasing and Relocation” Service

For your convenience, we have set up a very successful package, which is unique to our company. It makes buying of property and relocating to Germany as easy and carefree as possible. We help you overcome the differences in the legal system, the language barrier and the difficulties of setting up a home when you are not always there. From the moment you arrive, our aim is to make you feel welcome and enjoy your stay in our region.
Included in the package are: